Rating of peer review process available

Waiting for decisions from peer review journals depends also on the quality (and especially speed) of the peer reviewers. In a kind of social network approach researchers can now share their experiences on a website: http://www.journalreviewer.org/

Maybe it is worth to look up the experiences of others before you start to submit to a specific journal.

Have a good choice – best Jürgen

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Does the “open access option” lead to more citations

Some journals offer the possibility for authors to make the publication available by open access. This is quite expensive option but maybe you asked yourself, if it is possible to get more cites in spending some money. In a recent study (OpenAccess and Readership ) the number of citations of open access vs. regular access (via the library or repositories) was compared. And: it does not make any difference.

Spend you money for some other nice things!

Best Jürgen


ps: The most citations you get from reviews which is not unexpected.

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Portable peer review

After the introduction of portable phones, portable computers and portable music we are now facing a new development “portable peer reviews”. However, this does not mean, that
you can take for rejections, revisions, acceptance letter whereever you want. It is rather a recyling of earlier peer reviews.

Biomed Central (BMC) and other publishers implemented now a tool to keep your earlier peer review comments for another journal (from a specific list of publishers). Such a procedure might speed up time to become accepted and might reduce work load for peer reviewers. However, peer reviewers have to accept to this procedure – and have to provide their name. Let’s hope that most of them agree to such a procedure.

More Information here. Comments welcome!

Best wishes


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Authorship guidelines published (GERMAN)

the Swiss Academies of Arts and Science has published guidelines for authors of
scientific publications (Akademien_Autorschaft-1). Topics like “who is author?”, “which position in a
list of authors is appropriate for whom?”, and “plagiarism” are discussed and
recommendations are mentioned.

For all of you within large collaborative networks
this document is especially worth reading.

An englisch and french version is also availble.

Best wishes,


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List of journals with impact factor

The selection of the target journal is an important step in the
publication process. You find with this link a list of journals
with the respective impact factors. With the excel sheet you
can select your discipline for an overview of relevant journals
in this field.

Have a good choice!

Best wishes



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Cover letter examples

Dear All,

today I want to share with you two examples of cover letters. Cover letters are an important first step to get the attention
of the Editor. If you are not able to tell the Editor in some sentences
what your paper is about, then you may go back to your conclusions.
The overall conclusions can help you to formulate the overall message
of you paper.

Please find the CoverletterExamples here.

Good luck with your submission,
best wishes


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Editing of manuscripts

Dear Followers,

as suggested in courses you might consider to use a professional editing service. Two problems might be present: 1) lack of money 2) time.

An easy and affordable option is the use of this service here

It takes about one week and prices are okay. However, the persons
are not academics and do not spend too much effort in improving your MS
to a scientifically sound MS. It is just editing – but for all non natives highly recommended.

Best wishes



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